Friday, August 7, 2009

"Julie & Julia" in theatres today

I looked forward to watching "Julie & Julia" with my friends today at our movie theatre's first showtime at 10:40. While we were getting tickets, other people around us kept saying "ticket for 'Julie & Julia,'" so I rushed my friends in the room for fear that it might get full. Surprisingly, it was far from it, but maybe it's because it was early in the morning. We were surrounded mostly by older white ladies, har har.

ATTN: Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

Due to great expectations (don't we all have 'em when we're looking forward to a certain movie), I would have liked more cooking action and food, especially coming from Julia Child's side of the story, but I understand that the movie wanted to emphasize how their love for good food and cooking helped them start and carry through what they wanted to do in their lives. The first significant meal she eats in a French restaurant is Sole Meuniere - you could see the way the chef browned it in butter and how she ate it! She savored it immensely and made her husband, Paul, try it right away! My friend told me to eat before watching this movie, but my appetite couldn't help it! That was the best dish in the movie for me - it just sets the movie on how much Julia loves and appreciates food!

It was funny how when Paul asked Julia, "What is it that you really like to do?" and she proudly stated with no hesitation, "Eat!" And she laughed right afterwards. It was great to watch how she took the guts to attend Le Cordon Bleu advanced training with all men (the onion tower she made while practicing how to cut onions was so cute), and despite some trouble with getting started on her cookbook, finally got the interest of an American publisher in the end. Through it all, she held her head up high through the support of her husband and good friends, and she wasn't afraid to start all over again for the good number of times she had to rewrite the cookbook.

This movie is very inspirational to food enthusiasts and cooks. I hope to be able to try out some recipes from Julia sometime! I plan on reading Julie Powell's Julie/Julia Project book soon.

Bon app├ętit!

For anyone interested in checking out the blog that started Julie Powell's story, here's the link:

See a recipe on Sole Meuniere:

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