Friday, March 5, 2010


It's probably the only time you were amazed and not disgusted by a food enthusiast rat running the kitchen.

Does Remy capture the essence of every tourist looking at the Eiffel Tower? (link
When Linguini discovers his fridge is stripped bare, Remy is preparing breakfast for two! (link)
At Linguini's new home after becoming the new chef owner at Gusteau's (link)
Of course, I'm referring to Remy, a young rat gifted by his highly sensitive senses of smell and taste. Inspired by his favorite idol, Chef Gusteau, he stumbles upon Paris to become Linguini's "little chef," making his famous Ratatouille dish that warmed even the coldest critic's heart in Anton. :)

Ratatouille in its swirling glory (link)
Real life ratatouille in The French Laundry (link)
I have to admit, I haven't heard of ratatouille until watching this movie, but it definitely sparked my interest for it! According to Black Napkin, Chef Thomas Keller from The French Laundry was a valuable consultant for the movie and helped design the finished ratatouille dish. The layering and roasting of the veggies make this dish look very appetizing, and I hope that I can make a similar ratatouille someday!

I found this inspiring ratatouille recipe through Smitten Kitchen. Ratatouille can be eaten in different ways as well, such as over risotto, over pasta (I recommend fusilli for the complementary swirly design), in a crepe, in a salad, or even over crusty French bread! :) There are so many possibilities with how you eat it and the ingredients you put in the ratatouille as well. For my ratatouille, I would love to put in tomato, zucchini, yellow onion, yam or sweet potato, and apple.

How would you create your ratatouille?